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Quality of Dell Products

Hello my name is Ryan Coon. I'm an engineering student at ohio state university. It is currently 2:45am. I'm trying to print off practice problems for an upcoming midterm. My laptop which is a Dell Inspiron 1545 is connected to a 19" Dell monitor (dual screening) and a Dell v515w. just as I'm about to print my problem sets, my graphics driver fails (again.) Switching me back to one screen. I reconfigure the settings so I'm back on both screens. I go to print my problem sets when my dell printer says no paper. I put more paper in the feeder (hopper?) and the printer begins to print just fine; for two pages. than jams. I pull out the paper gently because it would not eject. I than allow that singular sheet in the feeder try and go in without jamming. it jams. I fiddle around for twenty more minutes and realize the gears that pull in the paper may be malfunctioning. What i'm getting at is, that this is an every <profanity removed> day occurance. I'm so, so, so sick of Dell and their products. Their customer services <profanity removed> so much too. What I really feel like saying at now 2:51am, <profanity removed> Dell, <profanity removed> their products. This is my second laptop, third printer. I seriously take care of everything I own?? Nothing breaks but my Dell products! I'm so mad at the moment I'm debating on taking my printer out in the front lawn and "office spacing" my printer.

Love, no longer a purchaser or supporter of Dell
Ryan Coon

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Re: Quality of Dell Products

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for writing and voicing your concerns. We appreciate anyone who takes the time to share their customer experience, either positive or negative. Please allow me to apologize for any frustration or inconvenience you may have been caused while trying to resolve your technical issues.

Please contact me privately, by clicking on my name in blue, and provide your customer account information. I am happy to look into your concerns further.

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