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I've just started a new job and part of that job is transferring the Service Tag for a Dell server from the United States to Canada. I tried last month to do this with no success, multiple times actually as it would tell me the transfer is in progress and would be completed within 15 days, nothing ever came of it. I called support and for an hour and a half I was bounced from one operator to another, 8 times I was told I called the wrong department (again, I was transferred) until finally I ended up back where I started, the automated menu. 

I successfully got it transferred only because we have a rep from Dell who did it for me within seconds. Well his e-mail says he's out of office since last week and I have to get this service tag transferred. Any insight as to why it isn't allowing me to transfer the tag would be appreciated. And again, I repeat, it does tell me it has been submitted successfully and to wait but I never get an e-mail or anything telling me it didn't work. 

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RE: Service Tag Transfer

Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting.

Transferring your Service Tag to another country can be difficult, as per the terms of purchase, products sold in the USA are not allowed to be exported.  Notwithstanding the security issues, there's the possibility that services and parts for the product are not available in the other country.  Additionally, premium tech support is normally required.

Please read here and to find out if you can transfer your warranty to another country, see this list of nontransferable service contracts. .  This may be helpful as well. 

Hopefully they can resolve this issue for you, if not you can contact the Unresolved Issues team by filling out this form


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