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Service tag not recognized.

Hello, I recently had purchased an Inspiron 7559 and sent it in for repair. It was replaced with an Inspiron 7567 through the system exchange services (there was a part on backorder so I was offered a certified refurbished replacement).

I'm trying to add the 7567 to my products with the service tag but I get the following error:

"MPL Asset returns NULL value and unable to insert service tag"

Also, there is cosmetic damage on the refurbished laptop. I wasn't aware that the laptop itself wouldn't look new. It sort of looks like it was assembled haphazardly as well because the panel in front of the subwoofer is bent. The laptop also made a few sounds as if things were snapping into place or something when I first picked up the laptop.

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RE: Service tag not recognized.

Thank you for your message.

Please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address. We will look into this for you.

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