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Small Business Customer Support Permanently Unavailable; Returns Impossible

Have been trying to get progress on a return for several days now.

Initiated the return on the website system and only ever got the single reply email (for SR 921029813) with the line "You will receive your return waybill information via email once the request has been completed."

It has never been completed. No emails after that one at all.

Using the 'Customer Support request status' link all it ever states is 'Case is under investigation' for my returns request.

So I try to call up the SB Customer Support on 1-800-456-3355 but all I get each day is endless on-hold music. If I never hear that sound again it will be too soon!

I notice that Dell Home has a chat facility but not Small Business or any of the others.

I'm posting here as a last attempt at getting some sort of resposne out of Dell (other than endless inane hold music).

I tried the usually eager sales representatives but they seem to be unable to answer their extensions either and detailed messages are left unreplied to.

If I can't get any satisfaction I will instruct my credit card company to cancel/withold payment sicne it seems Dell can no longer conduct business *AT ALL*.

I'm frankly STUNNED at the collpase in qualit of customer service at Dell - and quality of the items sold as well - had anyone spent even a few moments testing the server I bought they'd see that the hard drive was faulty - but I guess that was expecting too much from Dell as well.

I was going to buy another server to replace the faulty one but I suspect I'd be better to avoid any dealing with Dell at all if I want to retain any last vestige of my sanity.

Very dissappointed with you Dell. By the way this forum message creation tool is about the least viable one I've seen on any forum. Attempts to manage uniformity of text and even basic formatting seem nigh impossible.


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RE: Small Business Customer Support Permanently Unavailable; Returns Impossible


Today I thought I'd try something new.

I called at 6AM Mountain Time (which is 7AM CST - which I assume to be the 7AM-7PM that the phone number page CLAIMS one will get an answer).

First time - 5 mins after the hour - I chose 'Make a Return' from the phone tree: response - 'dept isn't open - call on our next business day'.

IT'S FRIDAY DEC 4TH - a business day for everyone else but DELL?!

Then I thought why not try to get more general support - maybe a chance to speak to an actual helpful human for the first time (by the way neither sales person ever contacted me with respect to the messages I left depserately seekign their help).

After 5-10 more mins I got the chance to speak to a person - who then claimed she was an operator and needed to transfer me to the returns dept.

BUT the returns dept 'opens late' - supposedly 8:30 AM CST - which she claimed was 'only an hour late'.

So then I asked to speak to a supervisor - which in PROPER companies actually works - but not at Dell of course. I get dumped back into the on-hold queue and eventually another person - who I first assume is the supervisor (I use that words help, assume and supervisor - even though I now know that NOBODY at Dell can or will ever help) but turns out to just be another 'operator' - he then says he'll try to tarnsfer me to soemone who can help.

By now it's after 8:30 CST and the supposed existing Returns Dept is suppsoed to be open. Surprise I get transferred to the same original returns dept response - that they're closed and I shoudl call back on their next business day.

WORDS FAIL ME - at least anything printable.

I've now reached the poitn where I have had enough (more than enough) of Dell - and I see from this forum's other postings (and the 100% lack of any resposne from Dell to anything anyone ever tries to get help with here) that all this is pointless effort.

I acted in good faith throughout. Dell acted (or failed to act) in any sort of capacity at all - let aloen good faith.

I ahve now contacted my card issuer and placed a 'Dispute' on the payment for this server. I WILL NEVER PAY one red cent for anything to do with this order. If Dell want to help me they can contact me and stop giving me the runaround.

But this runaround is the real modus operandi nowadays at Dell. I can see that.

My details - in the unlikely event anyone ever does wnat to solve this problem or point me to a real number for the 'returns dept' (probably a figment of those 'operators' imagination though) the order number was 921986770 and the Service Request was SR 921029813.

I wonder if the 'rumor' that this board has hepful Dell posters can be true - maybe they're former employees at this point and nobody at Dell thoguht to replace them with actual humans ocne they'd left.

Anyway. That's it for me. Good luck to the rest of the victims of this company. I feel your pain.

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