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Too many issues

I just dropped off my Inspiron laptop at Geek Squad. Again. This is the 4th time in the 13 months that I have had it that I have had to do without. I use this computer for work and school, and losing access to it for days at a time causes me distress and harm, not to mention each time I get it back I have to start from scratch. This means go through the initial setup. Reinstall and reconnect printers. Etc. etc. The hard drive has been replaced twice. The most recent problem is when I update it, the computer goes into a restart loop. This is the second time for that trick. This time they are going to do a full restore in hopes of fixing the problem. When I get it back I will have to start at the beginning with it. Again. I do not have this kind of time to waste. Or energy. I just paid Dell for an extended warranty. Given the history, I don’t dare go without, which means I am paying Geek Squad and Dell money to keep this thing running. You can stop sending me sales literature. I will never buy another Dell product again.
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