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monitor order fiasco- customer service lies to customers, covers up order errors

I ordered a refurbished monitor during dell outlet's last sale.  Ordered June 2, was supposed to be delivered June 8. Ordered a monitor that the website clearlly said was still in stock. 

Waited for my monitor, or a shipping tracking number (order was confirmed on June 2), but didnt hear antyhing by the 9th so went online to customer chat to find out what was goingon . Turned out they were delaying my delivery until the 18th because they might be out of stock, but would have my monitor shortly.  No email to me, no notification.  I requested to speak to someone about this, and the rep said they would escalate and they would contact me within 24-48 hours.  June 9, 10, and 11th pass without any information.  

June 12 is a Sunday, so June 13 I contact them again to see whats going on. Check my order sstatus and now its been cancelled.  I contact customer care again, wanting to find out why.  They say its because of a payment issue, and my credit card wasnt approved for payment.  I said this was the first I'd heard of it, and hadnt heard anything from my credit card company.  I get put on hold again, and contact my credit card company... surprise, surprise no one from dell had ever tried to charge my card.  (and keep in mind I had an order confirmation on June 2, which requires credit card info and prelim approval at that time). 

They get back on the line and I tell them that Dell has not tried to charge my card, so something fishy was happening.  They still maintain that I have a payment issue and so they cancelled my order and sent an automatic email... which I never received. 

Ultimately they send me to sales, who tell me that in fact there is nothing wrong with my card or payment but rather there was a "SKU error" in my order and so the order was automatically cancelled.  Why I asked them why they had accused me of a payment issue (implying it was my fault the order was not fulfilled) they had no answer.  

So now, I'm 10 days out from my order and they dont have the monitor.  They tried to make it seem like it was an issue on my end to cover their mistake.  As an apology for this error on their end, they offered me a different monitor thats more expensive, and standard shipping so that I'd get it sometime 5-8 days from the order placement.  

Wonderful service, Dell!  Unbelievable. I cant make this up. 

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RE: monitor order fiasco- customer service lies to customers, covers up order errors

Hi jvalle1002, 

Thank you for contacting the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board and sharing your customer experience. Please accept my apology for any frustration or inconvenience you may have been caused while trying to place an order with the Dell Outlet. Dell strives to provide an enjoyable purchase experience for all our customers. 

Products offered through the Outlet are usually limited in quantity. It is possible the item you ordered was no longer available. I am happy to look into this matter on your behalf. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access your account records.


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