MD3000i Degraded wide port becomes failed


We have an out of warranty MD3000i that has been running fine for years, but has recently begun throwing event code 1707, 1706 and 4011 errors every few months, and leaving us with Virtual Disk Not On Preferred Path showing in the MDM client. Previously we checked all cabling, redistributed the disks back to the preferred path and the error goes away for several weeks. Are we looking at a failing controller or could this be a network component issue?

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RE: MD3000i Degraded wide port becomes failed

Hello dcollett,

When you are getting the degraded wide port error the MD is unable to connect to a certain path. So what I would do is that if you are not at the latest version of firmware then I would upgrade to that version. If you are at that version of firmware than I would also check all iSCSI connections to make sure that they are showing as logged in.

If you have never upgraded the firmware here is how to do so.

  1. Ensure you have a tested backup of the data contained on the array
  2. It is highly recommended to gather support bundle from the "Support" tab of the MD Storage Manager before performing any firmware upgrade operations. Also recommend getting another support bundle after the upgrade is complete.
  3. You must stop all I/O going to the array
  4. Load MDSM to verify connectivity, then close MDSM but leave the main management screen open
  5. From the main management screen in MDSM use the “upgrade raid controller firmware” on the “devices” screen to upgrade to the latest firmware
  6. Verify connectivity through MDSM
  7. Update the hard drive firmware if applicable
  8. Reboot the stack
  9. Power down the server(s)
  10. Power down the MD3000(i)
  11. Power down any attached storage (MD1000/12xx)
  12. Leave the power off for 2-3 minutes
  13. Power up in reverse order
    1. Verify connection to the array and virtual disks and verify that data is presented to each of the connected servers


This update process will take 60-90 minutes but will vary depending on how long the reboots take to complete.


Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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