DDBoost use only one nic for "restore validate" (NMDA RMAN)

we are happy with our DDs for 6 months now. But at this time we have a situation where we get in trouble.

We have a NVE (9.2) configured one DD6300 locally and one DD3300 ( remotely. On the remote Site we added several large Oracle Database Servers. Backup runs well using both configured nic/ip`s. But when our db stuff do "restore validate" only one nic/ip is using even when they are using more then one process per db.

Config Details:

4x 1gbit/s nic eth1a = x.x.x.1 Management (FQDN)+ replication eth1b = x.x.x.2 backup eth1c = x.x.x.3 backup eth1d = x.x.x.4 replication eth1a / d Interface Group replication
eth1b / c Interface Group backup

When a restore is running normally eth1d (replication) is used! Is this true or a bug ?

Is there any option to get better restore time`s instead of adding the extra 2x 10gbit/s Controller ?


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Betreff: DDBoost use only one nic for "restore validate" (NMDA RMAN)

Some more Information:

ifgroup "backup" x.x.1.x/24
ifgroup "replication" x.x.2.x/24
default gateway is eth1d
no static routes added

The recover traffic is just running on eth1d (Default Gateway) not like the backup traffic using ifgroup "backup" (ethb/c). Is this because of the default gateway ?

I thought boost will load balancing still for recover using ifgroup "backup". But it seems not.

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