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DDMC Download failed

Hello Community,

at this time, it is not possible to donwload DDMC in version from offical Dell EMC Support Website.
Download failed at 1,5GB.
I try different browsers, workstations, internet-provider etc.
Who can helped?
Is there another weblinks or sources available to download?

kind regards

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Re: DDMC Download failed

Hello Gunnar,

Sorry to hear about the issue. We are not seeing any issues with the download site. Can you please send me your contact and i will put you in touch with the right person.



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Re: DDMC Download failed

Can someone provide the latest working link for downloading DDMC.



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Re: DDMC Download failed

You should be able to get all DD related downloads from here:

Expand the tree selection on the left under "Data Domain Management Center", choose the version you want.

This will direct you to the "feedback central" URL location to download.

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Re: DDMC Download failed


I have the same problem.. DL speed 245KB/sec , not able to download the

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Re: DDMC Download failed

Hello All ,

I have the same problem and the download gets stuck at the end and tried multiple times and same issue is for my colleagues , can you send a ftp link where we can download directly ?

Best Regards