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DPA reporting


  1. Can DPA report on what capacity each individual client takes up after de-dupe on either DD or avamar?
  2. Monthly frontend data (both incremental and full) being backed up by Avamar,  and Networker
  3. Clone done from DD/Avamar to tape and how much data is stored on the tape after the clone
  4. A 12 month trend for data being backed up in a graph

if yes how do I generate this report please

Many Thanks


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Re: DPA reporting

Hi isabellecaleb,

Please consider moving this question as-is (no need to recreate) to the proper forum for maximum visibility.  Questions written to the users' own "Discussions" space don't get the same amount of attention and questions can go unanswered for a long time.

You can do so by selecting "Move" under ACTIONS along the upper-right.  Then search for "Data Protection Advisor" which would be the most relevant for this question.

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