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ddboost daily restore sql server

We have 2 SQL servers. 1) Server-1 and 2) Server-2. Server-1 has database test. We take copy only backup of this test db daily at night call it test1.bak and put it on shared drive. We have restore job on Server-2 which goes to this shared drive and grabs test1.bak and restore it as test_copy everyday. 

Now we got ddboost in house and we only use lockbox and nothing else and that's preffered as of now. I want to mimic above scenario. so I take daily copy backup of Server-1.test db call this backup as "test1.bak" using job from T-sql script from ddboost. This works fine.

Now when I try to restore it on Server-2 as test_copy, The T-SQL script that ddboost gives me has  -t "06/24/2021 10:55:13 AM" (the time when I took copy backup) I dont see filename test1.bak at all in the script.

How to specify the filename as I need to do this on daily basis and file name is more consistent rather than time. Please provide a T-SQL script only or proper parameters for it, Thanks

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Hi, As according to my experience. You can choose the file name at the time of taking the backup copy. Or you can also change the file name with the help of F2. Because it gives us the copy more specific with the time. As we were saving the copy name as it with ourself in the text file so when ever we needed any copy so easily we identified from the text file.

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