Dell Data Protection - Security tools...

A little over a month ago, one of my users told me they couldn't open any files at all. Didn't matter if it was Word, Excel, or anything else. Her laptop, a Latitude E5540 (Win 7 Pro), was maybe a few months old. Never had an issue with it. After messing with it for well over an hour trying to figure *** happened, I decided to take a look at the Programs and Features control panel & see if she installed anything. Sure enough, there was Dell Data Protection with an install date of the day before. I just figured she may have messed with Dell Digital Delivery, downloaded and installed it. Removed that software and all was well.

Jump to today and I have a different user with the same laptop as above. She locked her computer to go do something and when she came back, she noticed that her login screen was a little different. She logged back in and started working. Well, she too couldn't open any files at all. I check it out and once again, Dell Data Protection somehow got installed today on her laptop. She did not mess with Digital Delivery. Something triggered DDP to get installed, and in this case, it was not the end user. How/why is that? 

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