Recover Files protected by DDPE

We have DDPE installed on all laptops in our Company,

Over the past week, 5 laptops became unusable because of a windows update corrupting them, the solution to this was quiet simple, replace the Hard Drive and install a fresh version of the OS,

Their old Hard Drives are still working to an extent, we can put them in a dock and navigate through the file structure, we can also read/write to the drive.

The only issue is we cannot access any files which are encrypted by DDPE, which makes sense since that's the purpose, 

But, if we log into a computer as the user who's files we are trying to recover, it won't allow it.

Is there any way to recover files from a DDPE Encrypted drive?

Thanks in advance,


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RE: Recover Files protected by DDPE

Hi Ryan,

If you already installed DDP|E on the rebuilt machines it sounds like the final piece to the recovery puzzle is to perform the recovery process detailed in the below guide.  Section two recovers the process it sounds like you should go through for the FFE recovery.

downloads.dell.com/.../dell-data-protection-security-tools_administrator guide8_en-us.pdf

If you get hung up or want confirmation on the process you can call out to our 24/7 dedicated support team at 877-459-7304 ext. 4310039.



Best Regards,

Stephen O

Senior Principal Engineer, Support & Delivery Services

Dell Data Security

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