Discovering and Inventorying Hyper-V Host Issue

Hi All:
When we installed OME 2.3 in the environment and Through SNMP+WMI to Discovering and Inventorying for Dell Server(M520),This Server also installed Hyper-V Role , Based on Security considerations , There is a firewall blocking between the OME host and the M520.
We follow the document instructions, Setting Firewall Rule and Open Port TCP 135(RPC_CIM) and UDP 161(SNMP), TCP 443(Https) ,TCP 1311(OMSA) ,
Discovering and Inventorying Failure , Did I miss which ports need to be opened?

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RE: Discovering and Inventorying Hyper-V Host Issue

Hi, thanks for the query.

I don't think you missed any port. Possible to run SNMP and WMI tests in Troubleshooting tool against these targets/hosts and share back results/findings?



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