Faulty hard drives alert

My apologies if this is something that has already been covered but I've spent a morning Googling this and didn't find what I was looking for so hopefully someone in here can point me in the right direction.

We've got multiple servers across multiple sites, I'm in the process of rolling out Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 8.4 to all over the servers and on my machine; I have OpenManage Essentials installed which I've configured so it's showing me all of the servers, whether there are critical errors against them or warnings, etc.

What i'd like to do though is to setup an email alert that alerts me when OpenManage on one of the servers detects a hard drive fault.  We're doing this because we missed some hard drive faults on a couple of servers last week, luckily everything was raided so no loss or downtime.  Do I setup the email alerts on the OpenManage Essentials on my computer or do I need to do it individually on each server as we have a lot of servers?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Also, OpenManage Essentials is reporting servers with errors where the only error is that the 2nd PSU isn't plugged in, can we ignore those errors so they don't show up on the Essentials as being an error at all?

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RE: Faulty hard drives alert

Hi, thanks for the query.

If you are centrally managing all the server using OME, it is recommended to setup email alerts in the console. Following is what you need to do:

1. Setup SNMP alerts on each of your managed servers so that they are received in OME.

2. Create an Email alert action in OME:

a. Select severity of the alerts you are interested in receiving emails for.

b. Select the categories of alerts of your interest. E.g. physical disk in your case.

c. Select the group of managed servers.

Once this is set up, you will start receiving emails as per defined configuration.

On your second query, right now there is no way in OME to ignore critical health status due to insufficient PSU redundancy. The health is directly read from the OMSA agent present on the server and is not manipulated further.

Hope this helps!



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