Saving ESX servers as a group in OME 2.2 discovery fails

Hi All, new to OME. When discovering R730xd hosts on OME 2.2 from 2012R2, I can save my iDRAC hosts as an IP range into a group then discover and inventory without issue.

However, if I save the OS (ESX) as a group they are discovered but not inventoried, they are marked as Unknown. If I add them just as an undefined range, they discover fine. Obviously I'm using the same account credentials in both discoveries. It's not a huge issue but as the environment scales out the saved ranges will look a little disorganised as we add different server roles. Has anyone encountered this before?

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RE: Saving ESX servers as a group in OME 2.2 discovery fails

Hi, thanks for the query.

Ideally, it does not matter how the discovery range is defined (as a group, with wildcard, IP address, host name, etc.) until the protocol selection is fine. As you already mentioned that protocol parameters are identical in both cases, discovery should end with positive result too. I would suggest you to get in touch with Dell Support to have a closer look and identify problems if any.



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