6-pin to 8-pin conversion/support

I currently have a Dell 5810 with a Geforce 970. This requires twin 6-pin additional power, which comes with the 685W PSU, and all is fine.

I am looking to upgrade to the Geforce 1070 or 1080, and this requires a single 8-pin for extra power.

Where could I find the detailed spec of this PSU (and others ideally) to see if one of the 6-pin power plugs can handle the 150W or 180W power draw?



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7- Thorium

RE: 6-pin to 8-pin conversion/support

EVGA RETAIL packaged cards come with dual 6 pin to 8 pin adapter so I'm not understanding your issue.

Each 6 pin is 75W so 150 + 75W for the slot is more than enough power for a 180W card.

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