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AMD Radeon R7 350x w/ dual U2417H Monitors

I have an Optiplex 7040, new and freshly imaged.
AMD Radeon R7 350x w/ dual U2417H Monitors.

I tried the MST connection but it only was able to mirror both displays.

The Graphics card has two inputs - a DVI and a DP.

The first U2417H is connected from DP to graphics card DP.  No problems.

The second monitor is an issue, as it has no DVI output for the DVI input in graphics card.  I have tried three different cable connectors.  When I initially plug in the cable, the monitor says it is searching for signal, then goes to sleep countdown.

a)First one is a Dell DANARBC084 DP to DVI.  The DP goes into correct DP slot on monitor, and a DVI cable connected to the graphics card.

b)Second connector is a BizLink connector of the same type.  Same response.

c)Third type is a mini DP to DVI.  It is a VisionTek Dual Link "Active".  Same response.

Can anyone assist?  I have no idea how to hook up the second monitor to the graphics card.

Thank you,


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RE: AMD Radeon R7 350x w/ dual U2417H Monitors

Hi jatumd,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information that you may find helpful.  

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