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DELL XPS 8700 rebuild?

I plan to sort of rebuild my Dell XPS 8700 desktop... I would like a new case, new psu, and a new GPU and possibly a new cooler! I plan on getting these items

GPU: GTX 970 superclocked 4gb  

Case: Sentey® Bx1-4284 Plus Gaming Computer Case

PSU: Corsair CX750 750w PSU

The main thing that I am confused about is the case... I heard the motherboard may or may not fit the case properly, and I am in need of a better case, I need better cooling also due to my house being 80 degrees in the summertime... *** to *** huh? I don't feel like buying a new AC unit just to make sure my computer doesn't melt... 

So any help would be awesome, I am set on buying that PSU and GPU, but the Case is a different ball game for me... I know Dell doesn't recommend replacing cases... but I bought the computer so I want to do it! Thanks!

Thanks! - Trey [:D]

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I am about to transfer an 8700 into a new case (Enermax Ostrog ECA3253-BR) and was wondering about this very issue.  Any insight you can share about figuring out the connections would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks!

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Thanks for the pic, this really helped me out today when I changed my case (chassis) and PSU. I have a 8500 model and this worked.

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Reset buttons are not a standard feature in most dells.

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