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Dell 8900 - Graphics Issues in Flight Simulator

I realize that this is not a "Flight Simulator X" forum, but I have a hardware issue somewhere with my Dell 8900 and am trying to figure it out.

Flight Sim is an intense game resources wise, but mainly on the CPU, which in my case is 4.0 Ghz i7-6700 so no issue there, Ram is 16 GB and I just installed (thanks to help from this forum!) a new GTX 960 - all specs are more than enough for Flightsim.

So I am puzzled that in the simulation I am having problems where the "textures" that cover the simulated ground, aircraft, lights, etc. take forever to load - I'll be flying along and suddenly the game will start struggling to load textures in areas of add on scenery (Orbx Pacific Northwest etc.) - everything looks great but then things gradually get blurry, I lose the textures off parts of the plane etc.

I should have a GREAT PC for running FSX, but there is a bottleneck to texture loading somewhere.

I suspect maybe the hard drive - while flying that little blue light on the top of the PC (which I believe indicates the hard drive is working) is blinking almost non-stop - it may be that the hard drive isn't feeding the game it's textures quickly enough?

Also - in case it is a hard drive speed issue - what would be the easiest way to install a new, fast hard drive just for FSX?   Would the open PCI-E slot I spotted next to where I mounted my graphics card take a SSD drive?   If so, which ones would be of the "plug and play" variety?

Thanks for your help!


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RE: Dell 8900 - Graphics Issues in Flight Simulator

Flight simulator X is a Vaccuum tube game from over 12 years ago.

You have to RE install DOTNET and Directx June 2010 as well as have a Better GPU.  OR you are using a GPU that is now Legacy Status as far as the drivers.

This game was optimized for windows XP and Directx 9.

You have to install Legacy Direct play and DX9 and DX10 drivers from the Directx June 2010 patch.

You download the file and extract to a folder then run DXSETUP.EXE as administrator.

Before previous drivers will work in windows7 or 8 or 10 you have to enable legacy features like DOTNET 2.0 3.5  and Directshow.  You must then install DIRECTX JUNE 2010 DRIVERS by downloading the file and extracting into a folder and running DXSETUP.exe.

Directx June 2010 which you download and extract to a FOLDER then run DXsetup.exe as administrator.


in control panel, all control panel items,  programs and features, Turn windows features on and off.  You have to be ONLINE when you do this because it will insist on downloading from the internet.

Enable dotnet 2.0 3.5

enable legacy direct play

Install Directx June 2010 Patch.

Legacy audio APIs such as DirectSound, DirectShow, and the waveOutXxx functions enable applications to get and set the volume levels of audio streams.

Windows Media Source Filter. This behavior was maintained to ensure backward compatibility with applications that used the Windows Media Player 6.4. New applications should use the newer versions of QASF, which make the WM ASF Reader filter the default filter for playing ASF files.

For more information on the Windows Media suite of software development kits, see the Audio and Video section of the MDSN Library.


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