Dell Latitude D630 Black Screen


Today I recently accqired a Dell Latitude D630, but it boots into a black screen and beeps i don't know why can anyone help me?



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RE: Dell Latitude D630 Black Screen

The Latitude D630 is a laptop. This is the desktop forum.

You'll probably get a better response if you re-post over there.  Be sure to indicate if this is a D630, a D630 ATG, a D630 XFR or a D630C

Post the exact beep count and the sequence of the keyboard status lights in order from left to right (Num Lock, Caps Lock, and then Scroll Lock). If the computer malfunctions the individual lights display a status of either On , Off , or Flashing. The status light error codes are in the manual or user's guide for whichever version of the D630 this is.

And mention the version of Windows too.


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RE: Dell Latitude D630 Black Screen

D630's specifically had the NVIDIA Geforce 8600 problem.

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