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Dell Precision WorkStation 650 bios load hangs at progress bar?

So here are the specs first;


Dell Precision WorkStation 650

Bios version - A05

OS: Windows XP x86

Graphics: Nvidia Quadro FX 3000

Ram: 4Gb (tested multiple ways. 100% sure they are good)

Chipset drivers: Updated to v4.1.1012, A12


Drive config. setup:

Disk 0 = auto

Disk 1 = off

*all others are set to off

Everything else is at default state.


My issue is as follows;


When powered on, the dell logo displays and the bios progress bar begins to fill. Once this reaches roughly 70% the bar freezes. The keys become unresponsive and the only option is to manually power down. If left unchecked, it will remain frozen in that state indefinitely. 

If I turn on the machine and quickly enter the setup menu before the progress bar freezes, I can simply exit the bios and Windows will load normally. This ONLY works if I dont change any settings in the bios (saving settings and exiting reloads the bios and locks up again)  Both cold boot and restarting from a working state produce the same result and the bios isn't producing ANYTHING in the log file. Even though this is a bios/hardware issue and not a windows issue I still checked the event logs as well just to thwart any suggestions to do so. (No issues there either)


I have also used "fixboot" and "fixmbr" with no change. Yes, I ran them independently starting with fixboot and restarted with no change before I ran fixmbr.


Has anyone heard of this before?

Any advice would be great!

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Re: Dell Precision WorkStation 650 bios load hangs at progress bar?

1) Has anything been changed/ added/ removed in terms of hardware since the last time it worked?

2) If you strip it down to minimum  to post, any change? (1 stick or RAM, no disconnect all drives from power and SATA cables)?

3) Did you reset via the jumper on the board yet?

4) Are you using an APC/ UPS/ Power strip?

5) Boot from the Drivers and Utilities CD, and run the diags

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RE: Dell Precision WorkStation 650 bios load hangs at progress bar?

To get to #5 you have to get past where the buot process is sticking.

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