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Dell T5500 and ESXi 6.0

I'm trying to set up an inexpensive home lab for learning ESXi. I've tried installing it on all the hardware I have available to me, and the only thing that it would install cleanly to was an old Dell Inspiron 570. However, that machine is pretty limited for a VM server. It has a triple core processor and maxes out at 8GB of RAM (16GB unofficially.) On eBay, I've noticed that prices on Dell Precision T5500s are pretty low. Despite their age, they can have up to 12 cores, 2 CPUs and 72GB (maybe 144GB) of RAM. However, I'm not sure if ESXi will install on them properly, and I'm finding conflicting reports in Google. Has anyone here successfully installed ESXi 6.0 on a T5500 (or maybe a T3500 or T7500?) 

Precision T5500, Inspiron Gaming Desktop 5675, Inspiron Gaming Laptop 7567
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