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Dell XPS 8920 SSD/HDD Configuration

Hi i wanted to know when ordering a system like the Dell XPS 8920 that come's with a SSD/HDD Configuration. is the OS Installed to the SSD And the HDD is for storage or software that you plan to install? or is the SSD/HDD in some kinda raid like setup?

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RE: Dell XPS 8920 SSD/HDD Configuration

I would imagine it would be otherwise it would make sense having an SSD.

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RE: Dell XPS 8920 SSD/HDD Configuration

I think it depends upon the size of the SSD/NVMe drive.  If it is 128gb or greater, then yes.  If it is one of the configurations with a 32gb SSD/NVMe drive, then my guess is that they're using the drive as some sort of cache drive for speeding up the system.  Personally, I would always want a system that boots from a SSD or NVMe drive as it makes them so much faster.  I would also recommend at a minimum to get at 256gb drive.