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Dell XPS 9000 dies for no reason

So I am using my brand new XPS 9000, it has nothing on it... I've only had it for a couple of days, I've installed 1 game and microsoft office on it. Slowly after a few times of using the machine it would have problems getting on the internet. Then it got worse where I couldnt get online at all. Now its at the point where My network card is permanently disabled and my keyboard also now busted and not working in windows 7. Another reboot solidifed the fact that now I can't use the mouse either. Sometimes during reboot I get the "Reboot Error Wizard" or something to that effect that says that my computer did not boot properly.

As I reformat this computer with doubts it will be properly fixed, my opinion is...Overall this machine has been a rather bad experience for me, for the $2000 it cost me I would rather go back to building my own machines.

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Re: Dell XPS 9000 dies for no reason

With a new PC, why are you even messing with it?  It's under warranty so call Dell support and try to get it fixed.  Or, if you are in the US and bought it direct from Dell you have 21 days from the date on the invoice (usually the shipping date) to call Dell and request a return.  In many cases they will offer to replace the system rather than issue a refund.

But, if you want to try, there is a Recovery Partition on the hard drive (accessed by F8) that will reload everything back to the original factory condition - just in case it was just a bad load.

Click here  for Dell's "PC Restore" procedure.

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