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Dimension XPS T550 with Yamaha DS-XG Integrated sound "unknown problem"

I have Dell Dimension XPS T550 with Yamaha DS-XG sound
Windows 98 Second Edition ...
I can get the sound to work by exiting to DOS and running the
diagnostics for the sound card but there is no sound in windows.
Accrording to the windows device manager the three yamaha devices
- Joystick, Legeacy sound system and PCI audio CODEC are all working
However in the windows multi media devices dialogue box list the CODEC,
Mixer and Line Input for yamaha ds-xg as enabled but inactive due to an
"unknown problem".
i have reinstalled the device drivers from the original cd listed under the
drivers subirectory as win98\0367c which are apparently the correct
drivers for this device.
I have also reinstalled drivers for the Diamond Viper TNT AGP 16mb
from the drivers subdirectory listed as win98\1253t which I am not
positive are the correct drivers.
I have reserved IRQ 5 and IO Address d000-D7ff in the BIOS and
set the PnP OS to OFF as this is what the Yamaha DS-XG requires.
Any ideas as to why I cannot get sound in windows but can in DOS mode
would be appreciated.  Anybody else having the same problem please add
to this thread.
Many thanks
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Re: Dimension XPS T550 with Yamaha DS-XG Integrated sound "unknown problem"

Windows 98 doesnt like the DOS mode legacy drivers.

This sound is troublesome at best. You could try disabling it and using an inexpensive
PCI Sound card based on the CMI8738 chipset.


Even with WIN95 I found that the Yamaha sound would lock up under Quake2 etc.

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