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Discovered a BIOS issue with Samsung U28E850R over DisplayPort

We got a couple of these new 4k Samsung displays and some Dell Precision Tower 5810's running BIOS A10.

The displays don't function if used with DisplayPort connections.  They just flicker off and on like they can't get a signal as soon as the power is applied to the PC (during POST).

I then placed the display on one of our older Precision T3610's and it works fine.  Since I was already researching updates, I actually decided then to update the bios of the 3610 to the A10 on the website.  Once I did that, the monitor began doing the same thing it did on the 5810.  As soon as I downgraded back to the A9 version of the BIOS everything started working correctly again.

I contacted tech support via chat, however their recommended solution was to reload the OS on my PC.  Which, of course, I do not agree with.

I guess to get these displays working on our newer machines I can attempt to downgrade the BIOS in them to one older than what it shipped with, but I'd like to not have to do that.  Any suggestions?

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