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Dual voltage support for Dell ST2321L monitor

Howdy!  I purchased a Dell monitor model number ST2321L in the USA and used it for years on 110 volts.  Now I have moved to Bolivia and here the outlet current is 220 volts.  I can find nothing on the monitor that indicates voltage support, but the product information on the Dell site says it works on both 110V/50Hz and 220V/60 Hz.  I would like to use it on the local current because transformers are unreliable here (and, well, everywhere, really).  I just want to make sure it DOES actually support both voltages, as there is no transformer on the power cord (such as is present with most printers) and the only thing I can find on the monitor itself is not really on the monitor, but on the power cord...it says 110V, 10Amps on the plastic plug nearest the monitor.

Can anyone tell me how to rest easy about plugging it into 220Volts?  If it's just a cable thing, I can handle that...just want to make sure I don't blow up the monitor by plugging it into 220V.


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RE: Dual voltage support for Dell ST2321L monitor

Hi Tallcowboy0614,

The specs do seem to indicate the monitor will support 110 to 220.

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