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Help with Internet Explorer

Haven't been on the boards in a long time but the minute I developed a problem I instantly thought of this knowledgeable gang. Ok kudos are over, here's the problem. 🙂

Somewhere along the line in my recent surfing, someone evidently used a script or something to change what it says at the very top of my IE screen. Ex: right now my title bar should only say "Dimension - Other/Don't Know" but just after that it says " - SURPRISED?! Be Successful Like Me At"

Grrrrrr, no matter what page I surf to...always says SURPRISED?! etc. behind any title.

How do I fix this?


oops should have added that I'm still using IE 5.0

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RE: Help with Internet Explorer


To modify the Internet Explorer Bar at the top of the screen -
It usually says “Microsoft Internet Explorer” but can be changed as follows:

Edit the registry as follows (backup the registry first, & be cautious):

Go to Start>Run>type regedit in the Run box.

In Registry Editor, open HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Now open (in succession):
Internet Explorer

In the right pane, find.... Window Title.
To return to the default “Microsoft Internet Explorer”, right click on ‘Window Title’ and choose ‘Delete’.

If Window Title isn't there it means you are at the default “Microsoft Internet Explorer”.
To change from the default, create a string value

Edit | New | String Value

Type in the words Window Title and then the Enter key. Now right-click on 'Window Title' and choose 'Modify'.
In the 'Value Data' area, type what you want it to say and click OK when done.

Close Registry Editor and re-start Internet Explorer. Now when you open IE, if you deleted the Window Title key, it will display “Microsoft Internet Explorer”, otherwise it will have the title you typed in there.


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RE: Help with Internet Explorer


Look here

<> <>

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RE: Help with Internet Explorer

As usual - the people on this board OWN every other board I've ever tried.

Thanks for the fix and thank you for the url! Very interesting stuff.


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RE: Help with Internet Explorer

Geez now I feel like a nuisance.....I wrote the stuff below before I did this....During all the stuff I did, I also went to Windows update and d/l a couple things suggested on the url that was given. I rebooted and still had the same problem with IE. I went back and re-did the Registry suggestion and it appears to be corrected now once and for all.

Thanks again two do! rule!...I needed both of your answers to fully solve this thing.
a grateful..

Arghh, this goes deeper than I thought. I deleted the Window Title key in the registry and added it back with the standard blurb of Microsoft Internet Explorer. I looked at the url suggested and looked for *.hta files (found none), looked for odd programs in my startups, etc. (didn't notice anything) and finally did a search of my hd for the words "SURPRISED?! Be Successful...etc. and it only turns up in one spot. system.dat.

Of course, system.dat is written in gibberish if I try to view that file.

Any other suggestions? I suppose I can live with the added message up there in the title bar but I'm wondering what else could be going on behind the scenes. I do use zone alarm so I don't think anything is going out that shouldn't be but who knows. My antivirus definitions are up to date and a scan shows no virus found.



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RE: Help with Internet Explorer


If the registry is getting modified after applying the correction, then there is a program running that is doing the modification. There are usually more programs starting up at boot up than are contained in the Startup programs folder. To see the rest, go to Start | Run and type in msconfig, then click OK. Go to the Startup tab. This will list all programs starting on a boot of the computer. Look for a program that may be causing this. If you can determine the program, uncheck the box next to the name, then OK out. This will prevent the unchecked program from starting at boot up. Reboot the computer, go back to the registry again and remove the Windows title and see if it stays corrected. If not, the program you stopped may not be the one causing it. If so, you can either run like this or uninstall the program in the Add/Remove programs area of the Control Panel. Post back here with additional information if you continue to have problems with this.


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Thanks for IE title bar hijack solution!

My brother and his wife are visiting and somehow managed to get some unknown site on IE 6 title bar.

Your solution is much appreciated.

Now I'm more wary of spyware and letting relatives use my computer!


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