I Need lower Fan Shroud For My XPS 730

Need Fan Shroud For My XPS 730

I  need the fan shroud for my XPS 730, the fan does make a certain noise plus the blue light comes thru the front and cast light across the room to light up our bird in his cage at night. Can anybody give information on how we may obtain the shroud, our's is air cooled but since this PC is very worth keeping for many years it will likely to have water cooling added later this year.

 Thank you !


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Re: I Need lower Fan Shroud For My XPS 730

Please elaborate is the lights bothering the bird? Or what exactly is wrong with the shroud/fan? If it is the LED lights they can be turned off by right clicking a empty space on your desktop the click nVidia control panel then select case turrn all the lights sliders to 0 and clik apply.

Yes you have  a machine that the fans are loud to say the least also the front fan is set higher then some of the other fans by default. Your fans can also be controled In the case settings just like the lights but I would recomed you monitor your temps before turning fans down or off! They have a remp control program called nVidia temp logger that I have used in the past that you can monitor or set it to record and keep a log during gaming or running intence aplications or programs. Just do a googlr search for nvidia temp logger if I remember right I think I downloaded it from 3d guru but don't remember. I found the download for temp logger but I have been running this little ap for years on my laptop but it has xp you might have to find one for Vista if thats what your running but you can find it at http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1194


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Re: I Need lower Fan Shroud For My XPS 730

Hoosier Girl,

Call Dell Spare Parts 1-800-372-3355. Ask for part number RW093 Front PCI Fan Assembly & Housing.

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