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Inspiron 3668, cables for 2nd hard drive

I have been on the phone 6 times and chats 4 times trying to get them at customer service to identify and sell me SATA cables for a second hard drive I purchased for my brand new 3668. I bought a 1TB 2.5 inch Seagate drive and it came without cables or mounting hardware. No one has been able to help me.Two cables. One for power and the other data. I have talked to Customer Care, Sales, Technical Support and they keep bouncing me around.Does anyone have a phone number to Corporate I can call? This is ridiculous. I don't think I will EVER buy anything from Dell again.

Frustrated Bob in NJ

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RE: Cables for 2nd hard drive - Inspiron 3668 - Idiots at Dell...

You don't need to buy cables from Dell. Open up your case and see what type of SATA III cable is being used and where to locate your new HDD. Do you need a SATA cable with a straight or a right angle connector at the ends? Do you need an 18 inch cable? Does your power supply have an extra power connector for your HDD? After you get this information go to Amazon or Newegg and order your cable; you don't need a Dell cable, SATA cables are industry standard. You will probably save some money and seeing the inside of your computer will help you plan the installation.

Be sure to look at the mounting of the existing HDD. What you may need from Dell is the hard-drive assembly with release tabs if it does not come with a spare assembly. See the Service Manual section on removing the HDD.

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RE: Cables for 2nd hard drive - Inspiron 3668 - Idiots at Dell...

You do need the power cables to the drives from dell or amazon etc because they are not on the power supply they connect to the motherboard directly.



The phone number to spare parts is  1-800-372-3355

KC81G  Laptop Optical /3.5 inch HDD power cable on left by 5 and 6


X9FV3 is the Blue 2.5 CADDY you will also need




GP2JM DUAL 2.5 HDD SATA Power Cable on right by 7





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