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Inspiron 530 Unable to recognize boot devices


    I have been having problems with my old Dell Inspiron 530 computer during boot up. This computer runs Windows Vista with an Intel Inside Pentium Dual Core Processor. As soon as I turn the computer on, it loads to the Dell logo screen OK. But after that it gives me a "No boot device available, Press ENTER key to retry" error, telling me that SATA-0 (Hard Disk) and SATA-1 (DVDROM) are installed but are not recognized as a boot device. Right now the boot settings are set so that the First Boot Device is [Removable] and the Second Boot Device is [Hard Disk]. I have tried switching the Boot Configuration for First and Second Device and even tried them separately. I have tried booting Puppy Linux on the DVDROM, to see if I could get anywhere and if this is just a problem with the hard drive, as Puppy runs purely on RAM, but this is not the case. Any Suggestions, please help?

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RE: Inspiron 530 Unable to recognize boot devices

Its a legacy system, how are you making your Bootable USB - you'll need to use the MBR partition scheme for Legacy BIOS if using Rufus.

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