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MULTI-MONITOR with integrated video AND graphics card?

So I have a Vostro 430 with integrated video (Intel H57 Express Chipset) and  NVIDIA GT 220 (1GB) card. I've been running the monitor off the card.

If I wanted add a second monitor. The idea is to extend the screen real-estate -- not put the same thing on both screen. I know I can just plug in a second monitor and experiment, but I don't want to damage any of the hardware -- so I'm going to ask first:

1) I wonder if the Integrated video will work for this with the NVIDIA installed?

The machine came with the NVIDIA card pre-installed. On the integrated video's DVI port there is a black plastic cap with a circle and slash symbol. I gather they put that cap there to make sure I plug the monitor into the NVIDIA -- or does the cap mean that the integrated video is disabled when the NVIDIA is installed?

2) Also, as the NVIDIA has VGA, HDMI, DVI connectors. I use the VGA. Would a second monitor work on the others?

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RE: MULTI-MONITOR with integrated video AND graphics card?

You should be able to plug you second monitor into one of the nvidia graphics card's other outputs and run both monitors off the same card. This is the case with most desktops and laptops that have multiple video outputs.

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