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Man, this is worse than calculus in high school.. Audio hardware problem 3rd day in....

I have an older Dell Dimension 4550 that works just fine for me, but about 3  or 4 days ago my speakers were no longer putting out the thump i was used to, in fact I had nothing. I went to windows update (running xp 2003 sp3) and clicked on cusomize , just seemed like the right thing to do. As the days have passed and I have been from Microsoft, to intel, to dell, and back, i still have an unresolved problem. I have no driver, and no sound. every driver I have placed in the audio controller device has not worked, been enabled, says its working, checked and re-checked my wiring, my system, and to see when the last time I shaved was. I'm forced to eat pot pies so I dont have to be away from the computer too long. It seems ironic to me that I can try and do something myself ythat I watch others do with ease and I end up always frustrated, unable to fix a  simple problem. Dell wont give me the fix  because my warranty has run out even though it was never used. It would be wonderful for a fix, but i'm almost sure it would take me to walk away while someone else fixed it in 3 seconds flat.And if I didnt walk away it would never fix.

HELP.......................................    frustrated at the run around . click from window to window. looking for an idiots answer.

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Re: Man, this is worse than calculus in high school.. Audio hardware problem 3rd day in....

I'm trying to decipher what the exact problem is.  By referring to the "thump" is that something that happens when you turn on the speakers or is that something you hear when playing music?  If it's something you hear when you turn on the speakers then it's a problem in the speaker system, not something wrong in the PC. 

However, it seems you have messed up the audio or drivers in the PC now.  Your first mistake was going to Microsoft for an update or to Intel.  Only use Dell drivers for the audio.  Intel won't help either although Dell's use Intel CPU's and chipsets the motherboards are custom OEM boards, not actually Intel motherboards. 

The first thing to do with the PC is use the "System Restore" function and restore the PC back to a date either before you did what you did with Microsoft, etc or to a date when the sound did work.  If this doesn't fix it, download the correct Dell driver and install that.  Dell Integrated Audio Driver (I assume you have the standard Integrated (on the motherboard) audio - you didn't specify. 

System Restore can be accessed by Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.

To check the audio, to see if it's your speakers or the PC, connect a headset to the GREEN speaker jack and see if you get audio.  If you do, the problem is in the speakers.  If there is still no audio, post back and I'll have you try some other things. (Post back if it's fixed too).

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Re: Man, this is worse than calculus in high school.. Audio hardware problem 3rd day in....

Forced to eat pot pies? emoticon.BigSmile.title

That's got to win some sort of prize for superfluous information.

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