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Modifying Chipset Driver

I have a hard drive from a GX270, I need to install it into a GX260 (without modifying any of the software) but need to update the chipset driver first. Since the hard drive won't boot due to this issue, is there a way to install the new driver onto this hard drive while using this drive as a secondary drive in another PC?

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RE: Modifying Chipset Driver

Sure it's only the chipset that's different? Do they have different CPUs? What about video cards, NICs, audio, etc?

Generally when you move a HDD from one system to another, unless the hardware is identical, you have to reinstall the OS and the software.

You can try booting the 260 in Safe Mode. If that works, you probably should be able to update the chipset in Safe Mode and then reboot normally. But that won't guarantee all the hardware and software will work correctly.


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RE: Modifying Chipset Driver

You cannot "modify chipset driver"  Installing drives from other non identical machines and keeping activation and applications is not supported by microsoft nor dell.  The HAL driver will not work as well if you have a Hyperthreaded system motherboard and move to a single core pentium 4.

First most common error is 


next most common error is

Stop 0x00000124 HAL.DLL WHEA Uncorrectable Error. What you are asking for is NOT supported by DELL or Microsoft.


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