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Monitor enters Power Save mode when playing games


I have just bought a new Dell u2312hm monitor for my Studio XPS 8100 (with standard GTX240 graphics card and spec). However, if i try and play a game after 10 minutes or so the monitor enters power save mode and i cannot wake it up without switching off the computer and rebooting. 

This is very frustrating. I have updated all the drivers and gone into the power saving menus in the control panel and disabled sleep. I am at a loss as to why the monitor keeps entering sleep mode. It does not do so when i just have the web or homescreen open. 

Could it be the graphics card or PSU?  The game is still playing music etc in the background so it is only the monitor and not the desktop. I have tried changing from VGA connection to DVI and it doesnt stop the issue.

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Dell-Rajesh R
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Re: Monitor enters Power Save mode when playing games

Hi jz95,

This may not be the issue with the monitor. Lets change the Power settings to “High performance”

Click "Start," type "Power Options" in the "Search" box and then press your "Enter" key. This loads a "Select a Power Plan" window.

Click "High Performance," then click the "Change Plan Settings" button. This opens a new window called "Change Settings for the Plan: High Performance."

Click in the drop-down menus for "Turn Off the Display" and "Put the Computer to Sleep" and select "Never" for each.

Press the "Save Changes" button and close the power options.

Let me know the status.

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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Re: Monitor enters Power Save mode when playing games

No this didn't work.

I wonder if it might be the graphics card overheating. However, I have now plugged my old monitor back in and it still crashes!

I am at a loss.

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Re: Monitor enters Power Save mode when playing games

Is the system enclosed in a cabinet or under a desk? Can you move it to get better air circulation?

Open Windows Event Viewer and look for messages about a "thermal event" around the time of a freeze which would indicate overheating. But absense of that warning doesn't mean it isn't overheating.

You can use an app like SpeedFan (free) to monitor GPU, hard drive, and ambient air temps inside the case to see how much things are heating up while you game.  Don't know if your model has the CPU thermal sensors enabled so SpeedFan may or not be able to monitor CPU temps. Note that SpeedFan can't be used to control fan speed on most Dell PCs.

You might also want to power off, unplug and press/hold power button for ~15 sec. Then carefully reseat the video card, RAM modules etc in their slots. And use canned air to clean the video card fan, and CPU fan and heat sink (caution: heat sink may be HOT!).



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