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Mouse working strangely after installing Dell updates

I have a client with a number of Dell Optiplex workstations (all running Windows 7 Pro), which I recently performed Dell hardware updates on (downloading from the Dell website). Everything went fine on all of them except for one Optiplex 7040 system. After doing the Dell updates, The mouse ceased to function normally. The mouse wheel stopped working, and the pointer moved extremely slowly (even after adjusting the pointer speed to maximum fast).

I'm using the Dell USB mouse and keyboard that came with the system. However, in the device manager, oddly enough the mouse and keyboard now say that a Microsoft PS/2 Mouse and a Standard PS/2 Keyboard are installed. On all other workstations the mouse and keyboard all correctly say they are both HID devices.

I am not 100% sure what caused the problem, but I think problem seems to be with with any of the Intel updates that I did. For some reason I had an error after installing the Intel Management software. After installing it, then rebooting the computer, a window popped up with the error:

I did reinstall it and everything seemed to be fine.

Also, a new entry got installed in the Device Manager that says: Intel Active Management Technology - SOL (COM3).  I'm not sure if this should be there or not.

I've tried the following in an attempt to resolve the issue:

Uninstalling the mouse and having Windows install it again

Uninstalling the Intel Management software from the programs in the control panel.

Disabling the "COM3" in the control panel.

Using different mice and different USB ports on the system

I can't use the Windows System Restore to go back in time to before the updates were installed because unfortunately it was not enabled.

 Anyone with any ideas?


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