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Optiplex 3050, E1916H, generating display issue with some software applications?

I'm from Pakistan, recently I've purchased more than 20 dell Optiplex 3050 with E1916H. Most probably all the system are doing same issue which discussed above by many users. I connected the LCD with DP cable to CPU, nothing happens wrong until i opened Microsoft excel, watching YouTube video and sometime when switching from one tab to another in browser. On accessing these app, monitor display get disappeared while power continues coming. All the staff are suffering with trouble. Please give immediately some solution. OS: Window 10 pro (64 bit)

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RE: Dell Optiplex 3050 with dell lcd E1916H generating display issue with some application

The culprit seems to be the hardware acceleration enabled in the Intel HD driver. But, I have yet to find a way to disable it universally across the Windows 10 operating system.

For Office software =
* Start any Office program
* On the File tab, click Options
* In the Options dialog box, click Advanced
* In the list of available options, add a check to, "Disable hardware graphics acceleration"
* Click OK

For all other software, you will need to check into their specific settings.

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