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Question regarding setup programs

Can I safely delete a setup program once the program is installed. For instance, I downloaded winzip. After clicking on the icon to install the program(I usually download to the desktop), should I just delete the icon, or should I be saving it to a folder of some type?
What do you folks do?
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Once I have installed a program, I usually save the install file to a Jaz disk, in case I need to re-install the program in the future. While this still seems logical, lately, I have found that I end up re-downloading programs rather than use my saved copy because the saved copy is an older version.

Everything I download is initially saved in C:\download, a folder I made for this purpose. I have never tried to save something to the desktop. My only concern is, does removing the icon from the desktop just remove the icon or does it actually remove the downloaded file?

It is perfectly safe to remove delete the install file, once the program is installed.

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Thanks for the reply Erik. I thought that was the case but wasn't sure.
I do believe that when you delete the desktop icon, that the entire setup program goes with it, as a warning message appears to the effect of YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO EDIT SOME PROGRAMS or something like that.
Anyways, thanks again.......Brad
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Hi Brad...

On the Desktop icon question, the answer is, "it all depends". Generally speaking, Desktop icons are simply pointers...shortcuts to programs. Deleting them will only remove the shortcut and, nothing else. These can usually be identified by the "shortcut arrow" that appears on the icon.

Those without the "shortcut arrow" are either (1) a system file or folder such as, My Computer, My Documents, etc. or, (2) a self-contained executable where-in, the icon is effectively, the Program itself...however, while these are not really rare, they are not very common either. Any time you are not sure, a look at the properties should make it clear.

Hope this helps you out.

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