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Studio Slim won't turn on.


Wow, I've had my Studio Slim for less than a week and eventhough it was running smooth, today, while playing Mah Jongg (very demanding for a PC), it shut off, and now it won't come back to life.

Interesting facts:

It was hot, yes. My surge protector thing is old and other apparels connected to it restarted at the same time, although I doubt there was a power shortage, more like the protector itself disconnected temporarily since it's kinda "shaky".

Even connected in another outlet, the PC won't start. The power LED on the back goes green when I plug the PC in, but as soon as I press the power button, the LED goes off and the PC doesn't do anything.

I have yet to open the PC or even contact directly customer service, I'd like an opinion.


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Re: Studio Slim won't turn on.

Hi caveat and welcome to the forums

Call DELL´support. Your Studio is under warraty if it is just a month old.


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