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T5600 w/ PERC H310 cntlr

I have a T5600 failing to boot, ecohing the message at POST "0 Non-Raid Disks found on host adapter"  "0 non-Riad disks handeled by BOIS"  "1 virtual drv found on host adapter"  "1 virtual drv handeled by BIOS"..  After POST  "No Boot devices found" Ok so I know the server is not seeing the drives. I see the T5600 has two physical Segate Barracuda 1TB drives. The machine is about three years old and I doubt seriously that both drives have failed at the same time which draws my focus on the PERC H310..  I have reseated all the devices in all the expantion slots to insure that was not a contributing factor then rebooted  and received the same results.

I opened the H310 config util and this is what I found: This info was found under the VD mgnt page. One group created called Group 0; RAID is 0. one virtual disk created ID:1 for the full formated amount of space for one of the 1TB drives 931.00GB. The physical disk ID:01 state is online and indecates its size of 931.00GB. Next total free capcity 0.00GB. Disk ID: 1 , 931.00GB.  After looking at that page I went to the Physical disk page and saw both drives listed with their capcity and their state disk 00 is "Foreign" and disk 01 is "Online". I then went to the Foreign View page and found found that here is also a virtual disk created in group 0 on dsk ID 1 on the pysical dsk 01 which shows on line as well.

Now not having seen this machine before the failure I'm tring to understand what fault tolorence if any was created here. I fully understand the meaning of each RAID level and the function of hot spares. and in this case the selection was RAID 0 which means no fault torlerence and I saw no Hot spare configured yet there are 2TB of physical space here but only 931GB configured like a mirror was intened to be configured here. what I don't understand is how is the term "Foriegn"  used here? Is this another form of mirroring of on line hot spare? Is this a possable broken mirror? Would like guidence in determining if a mirror exisist or some other form of fault torlerence exsist here.. and to determin if the H310 is still functioning as it should. Thanks

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