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T5600 with PCIe based SSD to boot.

Can anyone confirm or deny if the Dell Precision T5600 is or is not able to boot from a PCIe based SSD?  I think the BIOS has to be fully UEFI and support NVMe.  I'd like to use the Samsung SM951 M.2 on a PCIe adapter to get maximum mb/s.  Anyone have any experience with this?

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RE: T5600 with PCIe based SSD to boot.

Hi Brian,

Just aquired a used T5600 with not disks and tried to add a Plextor MP8eY 512GB and 256GB.

No luck there.

The machine is running BIOS A14.

The symptons when tarting the machine:

• Plextor Logo flashes on screen

• lights on SSD flash several times

• BIOS Progress Bar sometimes stops at 50% or 100%

• machine becomes unresponsive with POST code LED 2 on (manual states PCI device configuration)

• Num-Lock & Scroll-Lock  do not work anymore

I tried giving it some time, but after 30mins or so , still no action.

UEFI or legacy boot , no matter which setting in BIOS, it wont work.

Further I even cannot enter the BIOS settings with the SSD plugged in.

I tried every PCIe slot and plugged in the extra SATA power cable on the SSD.

I just confirmed that the SSD is working by plugging it in my HP MicroServer G8.

Which by the way, has only a PCIe v2.0 slot, though Plextor wants PCIe v3.0

I am happy for any input or suggestions.



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