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Upgrade Studio 540 Tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

I am changing the hard drive to Crucial SSD and load Windows 7 Ultimate. At the same time, I will also upgrade RAM. The motherboard is IPIEL RN2 RO022, so (as I understand it) DDR2 is all I can use.

I am thinking if it is worth changing the motherboard, to support more RAM, but DDR3.

Is this a viable option? What should I be looking to upgrade to?
Or would I be better just heading for a new PC?

I do not use it for gaming; just surfing and M/S office 2010

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.

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RE: Upgrade Studio 540 Tag HZ79H4J

If you change the motherboard, you might as well buy a new PC.

The SSD and Windows 7 Ultimate license will significantly boost its performance, its certainly fine for Office work and surfing.

Dr Philip Yip
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RE: Upgrade Studio 540 Tag HZ79H4J

Thanks Philip - I guessed that might be the case for the motherboard.

Do you happen to know the max RAM I can upgrade to?
The Dell System Config page suggests 8GB but I was wondering, is that restriction the motherboard or Windows Vista?

If it is the motherboard, then I am stuck at 8GB. If it is Windows Vista, then I guess the upgrade limit is down to my wallet as I believe with W7 Ultimate, the limit is nearly 200GB on a 64-bit system

Thanks gain

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