Upgrading 4550

I just purchased another hard drive ( a Seagate 160 gig ultra ATA/100) that I would like to put in our 4550 as a second. Can I do this? Is there anything I need to do before or after? Dimension 4550 Pentium 4 Processor at 2.0 GHz
512MB DDR SDRAM at 266MHz
64MB GeForce4 MX Graphics Card with TV Out
40GB ATA-100 7200 RPM
XP Home
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Re: Upgrading 4550

There shouldn't be any problem. I have added second HDs to two 4550s. You need to make sure:

1. The primary slave is enabled in the bios (presuming you are putting the drive on the primary rather than the secondary controller).

2. That the jumpers for both drives are set correctly. Normally Dells are jumper for "Cable select". If you jumper the new drive the same way, it should work fine. Otherwise, make sure one is jumpered for master and one for slave.

When you boot the first time, check to see if the drive is detected during the POST.

The one thing I am not sure about is whether there will be any problem with BIOS issues and a drive that size. I think some BIOS's can only recognize partitions up to 137G, but I could be wrong.

Good luck,
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Re: Upgrading 4550

For a 160 gig hard drive you will need to have BIOS version A04 or later installed.  Starting with that BIOS version, 48-bit LBA support for hard drives larger than 137 gigs was added to the BIOS code.  
To check to see what BIOS version you currently have installed just go into the BIOS Setup program at boot up by pressing the F2 key.  The installed BIOS version will be shown on the BIOS Setup screen.  
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