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Video Display and PCI?

My daughter has my old XPS750T Dell with a NVidia GForce 256 Adapter.  The monitor started showing shadowing all across the screen where icons or words are present.  It does not do this in MS Word but does on the desktop and also in Outlook Express.  She changed the original monitor (Dell P991) with a new one thinking maybe something was wrong with the monitor but still has the same effect.  She is running Windows 98SE.  The system recognized the monitor and installed the drivers. However, looking at Device Manager, there was a question mark by PCI.  At least I believe that is what it was as it no longer shows up.  I deleted the "question mark" believing I would be prompted to install the correct drivers when I rebooted.  It did that but now I need to find the drivers. It's been a couple of years since I used that system but do the drivers for the NVidia GForce Graphics card get used to update the drivers for PCI when prompted by the "New Hardware Found Wizard"?
Also, do you have any Idea what may be causing the lines to bleed across the screen?
Thank You for any help that you may or may not be able to offer. 
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Re: Video Display and PCI?

what's the exact model of the video card, if you tell me, i might be able to find the drivers for you. I just got a 256mb pci video card for my 1.5 year old dimension 2400. i gotta say, im impressed.

Dimension 2350
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Dimension 2400 (modified cooling system) check it out www.geocities.com/ravipcplanet/
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