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What is the MEBx hotkey on a Optiplex 7040


What is the MEBx BIOS hotkey combination on a Dell Optiplex 7040? The option is enabled in bios but when I try the standard combination ctrl+p it doesnt work.

I have tried on different machines.

Thank you


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RE: What is the MEBx hotkey on a Optiplex 7040

Ctrl-P only works when the post screen is displaying "Intel® MEBX: <CTRL-P>"  if you don't see that prompt, your bios is either lacking the configuration, or it is not enabled. if you don't have options related to the AMT/ME, look for an updated bios, and contact the manufacturer.  NEWER Versions use CTRL I or CTRL M or another key.

MEBx Password Reset for Skylake desktop systems such as the OptiPlex 7040

Skylake systems which have previously gone through set up and configuration using MEBx will not revert by selecting full un-provision in BIOS settings.

Older system versions of OptiPlex systems which used Legacy settings could undergo a reset by selection of settings in BIOS under the MEBx interface.

Skylake systems are unable to use BIOS options to reset the system settings in case of lock out. In order to restore MEBx to default settings (See Figure 1.), a CMOS reset using the RTCRST jumper pins on the motherboard must be completed.

 Figure 1. - MEBx BIOS Menu

Use the RTCRST Reset Jumper .

MEBx Password Reset is completed using the Real Time Clock Reset (RTCRST) Jumper pins on the motherboard to Clear Previous Configurations

  1. Turn the system off and disconnect all cables and connected devices from the system
  2. Remove the system cover
  3. Locate the 2-pin password (PSWD) jumper on the system board
  4. Remove the 2-pin jumper plug
  5. Locate the 2-pin RTCRST jumper on the system board (usually located near the CMOS battery on desktop systems, see Figure 2. below for example)

  1. Figure 2. - RTCRST Jumper on the motherboard
  2. Insert the removed password jumper plug to the RTCRST jumper pins
  3. Plug in the AC power and press on the power button (system does not power on) to clear the CMOS information then turn the system off completely
  4. Disconnect the AC power and wait for about 30 seconds
  5. Remove the jumper plug on the RTCRST jumper pins and insert it back to the password (PSWD) jumper pins on the system board
  6. Replace the system cover
  7. Connect back all the cables and devices then turn on the system.

NOTE: Should the jumpers be in a hard to reach location, or the system is a portable, the secondary option to remove the CMOS battery and drain all power from the system can be used.
  1. Remove battery from the system (In portables, the main system battery and the CMOS Backup battery)
  2. Drain all flea power from the system by pressing and holding the power button for 10+ seconds
  3. Replace the battery(s)

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