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XPS 210 Random Instances of Memory Not Detected on Boot

Ive got an XPS210 running XP Pro SP3. Intel Core 2 Duo.

Recently after a bit of a fight with the Vundo.H trojan coupled with the trojan.BHO variant, Malwarebytes found and removed the virus, asked to restart, computer restarted no problem. Knowing the virus replicated itself, I ran malwarebytes again and another restart was required. This time, the computer did the same thing as the guy in a recent post that changed out his memory sticks, and found the boot process unresponsive.

Upon pressing the power button, the computer fan goes to high, and the p.c. shuts off. All within 2 seconds. A 2nd press on the power button and the computer does the buzzing, buzz, buzzes, at me with the #1 diagnostic light on the front, indicating the memory not found.

After reading the past post on this issue, I reseated the memory sticks and the computer started up. I was able to completely remove the trojans, and backup my data, just in case. Then a windows update was required and it required a shutdown and restart. Upon boot up, the same buzzing and a #1 diagnostic light occurred.

I tried the power button a couple more times and was able to get the computer to run again.

AFter this, I used the Dell System Diagnostics CD and ran a complete System test and a complete Memory test. Each test came out PASS. No indication of error during or on report of testing.

I downloaded and reflashed the new BIOS for the computer. Did not help. Still experience random event where memory is not detected, with buzzing, and #1 light.

I reseated the 24 pin connector on the board, and the computer has restarted without error at least 3 times in a row now. Hopefully this has helped.

Upon searching the entire WEB for XPS210 and buzzing, I found very little at all, so hopefully this post will help someone else as well. Maybe one of you gurus have additional processes I can perform to help prevent this problem with my Dell XPS 210.


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Re: XPS 210 Random Instances of Memory Not Detected on Boot

It is now July 24, 2009, and the XPS 210 is 2 months out of warranty. I just wanted to explain what all occured with this computer after the above problem.

The "no memory detected" issue continued to plague me at odd intervals. Most OFTEN happening when the computer needed to restart after an update to anything. The auto-restart would almost always cause the computer to buzz at me and show only the #1 light, indicating no memory detected. At the end of a regular day, when I would shut down and come in the next day, and start it up, it would start up fine. But any "restarts" is when it would act up. Many times I had to remove the memory sticks (2) and put them back in, and that worked most of the time, until this last time. No matter what I did, swapping around the sticks, changing board battery, etc., would get the computer to recognize memory. Hard to imagine after a year of use, with this problem being intermittent. This last time, evidentally trying to get it to start and restart, corrupted the operating system, and I started getting " in page kernal faults" BOD's, The computer is no longer functional. To quote Dell support "Thats not a good thing", and "if you are interested in our Premier Support...." no thanks. One year after use and this computer is not usable anymore. I guess the XPS 210 is the "Chevy Cavalier" of the product line.... My company has purchased over 20K in Dell computers over the last 3 years. Did I mention I ran the memory diagnostics CD and it said the memory was fine? So, pretty upsetting to have it quit on me 14 months into ownership...


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Re: XPS 210 Random Instances of Memory Not Detected on Boot

Hey masterdon

Your problem sounds kind of simular to mine. When I start my system the fan runs really high at times and i have a blank screen and an amber light. Other times i start up my BIOS freezes anywhere from 10% to 90% through the progess bar (sometimes the fan even progresses to a higher and higher speed). The problem started again when my system would boot its self out of sleep mode and be running all day/night while i was at work.

 I've tried messing with the mother board too, oddly, i've found that messing with the CMOS CLEAR jumper seems to have an temporary effect, and the system gets past the BIOS and starts the operating system. I've checked dells site and I updated to the newest BIOS last year, it didnt stop the problem. I'm considering downgrading my BIOS to an earlier revision. I'm not sure if the BIOS is causing it but it seems to be my only hope.

Of course my warrenty is up and i know that if i renewed it, dell would have to replace the mother board and powersupply, i'm certain they wont be able to fix the problem so they'll just replace componets and call it a day. But i think, and hope they're reading this, they need to take a closer look at the BIOS.

Here's some body with a simlular case, for any of you that want more information. Theres not really a solution yet but hopefully dell will take action


p.s I read somewhere else that someone also tried setting their Harddrive as the primary boot device instead of USB I donno if this matters but i'm gonna give it a try.

I'm also willing to bet the componets on the board could be malfunctioning, "made in china" perhaps?

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