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XPS 420 Windows 7 - microphones is not working

Ever since I installed Windows 7 64-bit on my XPS 420 I have not been able to use my microphones that I can plug into the front.  I read that I need to download some drivers from Dell website in order to get them working.  I downloaded a driver for the chipset and tried to installed it but I always get this message telling me that there are no downloads and must be done in the drivers and devices.  I don't quite understand what that means or how to even install the drivers. Besides trying to install some drivers I also checked to see if the computer is finding my device when I plug it in and it does not.  I even went to the recording devices and right clicked the empty space and clicked, "show disabled devices."  Still my microphones do not show up.

I really need some help to figure how I can fix my problem with my microphones not working with my XPS 420.

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Re: XPS 420 Windows 7 - microphones is not working

Download the 64 bit  Vista drivers for the Audio.

Any drivers MUST BE INSTALLED with Adminstrator mode.

Then Reboot and update automatically and the WHQL drivers for the audio soundmax codec with be downloaded and installed.











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