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XPS 600 RAM question

Heya, I was going to buy new ram for my XPS 600... now in order to use 2gig sticks do I need to fill all 4 slots with 2 gig sticks? or can I just put 2 sticks in and leave the others with the original 512 ones that came with my machine.


Here is what the didgital manual said.

Thanks a lot.


Memory capacities

256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB non-ECC

Minimum memory

512 MB

Maximum memory

2 GB or 8 GB

NOTE: See "Addressing Memory Configurations" to verify the amount of memory available to the operating system.


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Re: XPS 600 RAM question

Depends on whether you have a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system (if you have an OEM OS then it's 32 bit).  32 bit Operating Systems will only address/utilize something less than 4GB so if you have two 2GB memory modules just replace the original 512's with the new 2GB modules.  If you have a 64 bit Operating System then just install the 2GB modules in the two open memory slots.


On my Vista 32 bit system with 4GB, the memory shown is "3321MB" (3.321GB).


As far as the brand/type of memory to buy, many Dell's tend to be iffy on brands or types within brands that will work and there is no pattern.  Many of the forum "techies" recommend Crucial memory as it is guaranteed to work in Dells.

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