XPS 710 rebuild loading XP - blue screen


I can't load XP on my XPS 710 - I get the BSOD during the installation.  I've tracked it down to the nVidia SATA drivers.  I don't have the original XPS Dell CD that came with my system.


Can anyone link where I can get the correct drivers so I can install XP?  My understanding is that I'll have to load these on a floppy (gag!) and press F6 during the Windows installation and point it to the floppy so it can load them.

(I tried it with some drivers I found on the dell website, but when I tried that, it kept prompting me to load the nVidia RAID software disk, which I didn't have.)


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Re: XPS 710 rebuild loading XP - blue screen

The last version of the nVidia SATA drivers is available here.

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Re: XPS 710 rebuild loading XP - blue screen


Download the file and run it to extract the files. Then you copy the extracted files to the Root directory of the floppy disk. put the disk in when the F6 prompt comes up

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